Angie here! I’m the dreamer behind Ravenor’s (aka Miss Ravenor).Interior Design Business Coach Sketchup Trainer

In 2015, Ravenor’s was launched and dedicated to all interior designers out there who want to get the most out of every tool they have at their disposal to show how brilliantly talented they are, run a successful business, and still have time in their day to enjoy their lives.

It all started in college, I couldn’t help but bug in and help when I see someone struggling with something that I know how to do. After a while, I became the go to among my friends and colleagues when it came to anything related to Technical tidbits, Sketchup + VRay, and Designing in general.

Later on in life, I struggled in the “corporate world” with a 9 to 5 job, just like anyone would do after their studies. I got tired of it really fast because I was dedicating my effort to someone else’s success, my work was being branded in someone else’s name, not to mention I only got to live the life I want on the weekends and the occasional holiday. That decided it for me; I wanted to do my own thing, brand my designs after me, and live everyday in the freedom I deserve.

It wasn’t easy at first. Not at ALL. It was a roller coaster of mini wins vs. days where i just wanted to crawl into a hole. After countless hours of work and several months of trials and errors, I learned that working smart is what gets you anywhere, and that I’ve wasted a lot of time and effort. Again, I started helping other friends with solo businesses who had the same problems I did, and again I became a go to person for tips and advice.

That was the motivation I needed to go out there, use that small space of my own on the world wide web, and help even more people!

I do my best everyday to ensure that every piece of information I put out there can help at least one person, and that they can always return for anything else they need.

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