Angie here! I’m the dreamer behind Ravenor’s (aka Miss Ravenor).

In 2015, Ravenor’s was launched and dedicated to all Design Lovers out there who want to be able to get the design of their dreams without breaking their banks in the process.

I’ve freelanced and worked in design offices since 2014, and it helped me gain the experience needed to develop a method of design that is now a personal signature to Ravenor’s.

Design for us at Ravenor’s is not an occupation or a way to earn a living; it’s a passion that we’re enthusiastic about.

We care about the Function of a design as much as we care about the Aesthetic of a design and it makes us who we are.

We do our best everyday to ensure that every project we take on is more that what our clients expect, and that they can always return for anything else they need.

We are not Designers,

we are Design Lovers.

That’s what makes our Dedication true, and only with true dedication can we be able to deliver on our promises of extraordinary designs, memorable events , and unlimited client support.

We also promise not to break your bank.

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