2018 Interiors’ Scoop: Top 10 Trends you will Love this year

Top 10 inspirational trends to look out for in 2018..


From ‘Old Garage’ to ‘Simple Bright Home’

A designer transformed an old 1980's garage into a beautiful Industrial style open space home for him and his sidekick Max.

Innovative space-saving solution in a 35m² apartment

An architect managed to fit a full bathroom (with a tub and washing machine!), bed room, a functional kitchen, living & dinning area + abundant storage space in a tiny apartment. His solution: A wooden box!

A Day at the Gulf Interiors Exhibition

Spent a few hours there and found GOLD. If you love Handmade Unique Antiques and Gorgeous Little Terrariums, them come take a look!

Master Bathroom Inspiration

Hello, Helloo, Hellooo, Hope everyone had an epic Sunday!! To start this week right we need to feed our creativity and our imagination; and what better way that to browse pictures!! (Designers get it easy..) I've compiled yet another album for you loves to go through and hopefully they jump start some ideas of your … Continue reading Master Bathroom Inspiration

Compact Kitchens

Hello Designers! I decided that every Sunday I'll put together an Idea Book on my Houzz account (which is the best place to browse inspiration, btw), and share it with you. On each week it'll be a certain new space. This week I picked Compact Kitchens; since I recently started browsing for tiny apartments and … Continue reading Compact Kitchens