Hey there designer!

See that render up there with the title ↑

That’s my work 🙂 You know how long it took me to model the room + render time?

4 Hours.

All the renders shown here are designed, modeled, and rendered by me.

Online Sketchup + VRay Lessons Local Bahrain
Bank Atrium, 2016.

I’ve been using Sketchup + VRay since Sketchup 8! They’re the only 3D Program + Render Engine I’ve ever felt comfortable using.

I tried 3Ds Max, AutoCAD, and even ArchiCAD.

Non of them were as easy, light, or flexible as Sketchup.

Online Sketchup + VRay Lessons Local Bahrain
Toddler Bedroom, 2015.

I offer to teach you all the secrets, tricks, and techniques to produce the best work with minimum effort and time wasted.

What’s also included is:

  • All the plug-ins you’ll ever need for modeling and show you how to use them.
  • All the websites I use to download FREE high quality models.
  • How to create HD materials and how to use Photoshop to edit them.
  • Trade secrets for faster and lighter modeling + renders.
  • All the tricks I’ve acquired over the years to make my modeling process a fun and easy experience.
  • How to create and customize your own Render Settings + free Render Setting files.
  • Solutions and Troubleshooting methods for the most common errors for both Sketchup and VRay.

Online Sketchup + VRay Lessons Local Bahrain
Hotel Restaurant, 2016.

How will this go?

I use a screen casting service for international students (scheduled meetups for local ones).

Screen casting is a live Screen Broadcasting; basically I’ll be able to see your screen + talk with you by voice + take over your keyboard and mouse when needed.

It is a safe method, I will not be able to see anything other than what you have visible already and I will not be able to access your files or data.

The program I use is TeamViewer. You can google it and ask about its usage if you want.

Online Sketchup + VRay Lessons Local Bahrain
Family Room, 2017.

The Packages

I offer three packages; find the one that suits you, and apply for it + a free 30 minute video or voice call so you can get to know more about me, the packages, and how we’ll schedule our sessions.

  • Beginner Full Package:
    • Price: $275.
    • Duration: 10.5 Hours (7 sessions, each is 90 minutes).
    • This package will cover the whole modeling process, from setting up Sketchup + VRay settings to creating models to rendering them + some post processing techniques.
    • For more details, take a look at the packages below; this package includes all the components on VRay Only Package and Sketchup Only Package (excluding Photoshop Rendering).


  • VRay Only Package:
    • Price: $125.
    • Duration: 4.5 Hours (3 sessions, each is 90 minutes).
    • This package includes prepping your model for rendering, applying and configuring materials, lights, and HDRI + Sun, Rendering Options walk through and configuration, and Post processing.


  • Sketchup Only Package:
    • Price: $175.
    • Duration: 6 Hours (4 sessions, each is 90 minutes).
    • This package includes efficient modeling basics and techniques, necessary plugins and how to use them, exporting and importing models, creating up to scale documentations (plans, sections, elevations, furniture layouts, and lighting layout), Photoshop Rendering (using Photoshop to create attractive and high quality work without a render engine; printable and portfolio quality).


Online Sketchup + VRay Lessons Local Bahrain
Studio (Practice), 2016.

If you’re ready to apply for a package, or you want more info, please fill out the form below.

Online Sketchup + VRay Lessons Local Bahrain
Student’s Work, 2017.