Oh, Look who’s here!

Curious. I like curious. Let me introduce you to how this goes, and what it’s all about!

♦ It’s all about You + Your Solo Business ♦

If you’re working solo, or thinking about starting something on your own, then you’re obviously the boss. You want to be in control. Good for you. I mean it, because free spirits like us don’t like to be held down by 9 to 5 routines while missing out on life till we’re too old to enjoy it.

Or maybe you’re forced into this? Tough time finding a job? Who needs it! You’re better off reaping the benefits of your own labor, in my very honest opinion.

Hey, you could be a baby startup that’s pushing it’s way through the market!

↓ Do you have everything in control? ↓

Maybe you do, maybe you don’t. There’s only one way to find out.

Do you have clients who love what you do? and you love them right back?

Do you have your business all in order? Or are you struggling to put everything together, and just can’t find the time?

Do you have a core message that speaks for you and everything your business stands for?

Do you have a solid online presence that has clients swarming at your door on autopilot, trying to book an appointment? Or maybe just enough clients to pay your bills + have a comfortable independent life? any side income from that online presence?

How about your sales pitch? your messaging? Are you creating content that tells your clients you’re the best at what you do?

If you have all that (and you’re sure and honest with yourself about it), then what the heck are you doing here? Go back to your perfect business!

If you’re still reading, then you’re picturing my awesome touch all over that cute little business of yours. Are you considering my magic? Keep reading!


“For reals Angie, what can you do for me?”

Ok, fine. Let’s talk business (we both know this is a sales pitch, so listen up).

If you’re stuck at the “small” phase of your business, but you’re so ready to move on to the next level, you work alone so you need all the help, advice, and feedback you can get + needing a fresh pair of eyes that has the experience to spot the kinks and smooth them out.

I’m your gal!

If you want to exercise minimum effort, while being spoon fed ready-made solutions, and have someone do most of the work for you.

Get out. Don’t come back till you’ve matured.

So yea, this is it in a nutshell.

If you still want me to help you (or thinking about it), then you’re ready to roll up those sleeves, grab a mug of coffee (or tea, smoothie, your choice of power beverage..), and start putting your efforts into the right places for awesome results.

Read on, tiger!


What are those Results exactly?

Here are the contents of this coaching package (aka, this is what I deliver summarized in a list of 10):

  1. A “smart work” mindset to channel your energy the right way.
  2. Identify and Understand the needs of your ‘Ideal Clients’. (clients who have the same taste and mindset as you).
  3. Have a developed billing & fee structure that works for you + your clients.
  4. Establish an authority that speaks of your epic abilities for you.
  5. Get you noticed by all the right people (no more cheap clients).
  6. Build a sales strategy that turns curious bystanders into actual paying clients.
  7. Deliver a strong message that testifies to what makes you perfectly unique.
  8. Grow an adoring audience of loyal fans that spread the word about your business.
  9. Organize a content strategy that has you delivering quality content for weeks at a time.
  10. Master your Sales Calls and Client Meetings to take on all the projects you love on terms you’re happy with.

And then you’ll be doing a victory lap!

Of course, this will all depend on where your business is and what you’ve done with it so far. I’m having you fill out a form. Yes, a form. I don’t just take anyone on.


But first, to make this even Clearer for you:

The Benefits of The Package

You’ll be unstuck, with a new rush of motivation to go on. I will challenge you into exploring smarter options, which will in turn save you more time to relax and gain more space in that creative mind of yours to be more productive and bringing in more income.

You will be supported and encouraged, your strengths and weaknesses will be balanced out which will help you gain more confidence.

You’ll be able to establish higher business goals by discovering and prioritizing your business’ actual needs.

You’ll gain an accountability buddy FOREVER who will help you harness new and productive ideas.

And the more obvious benefit: Less Trial and Error. As in, more time for your life off the desk.


This will be an Investment

Probably not your first investment, but we will make sure it’s your last. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “Spend Money to Make money“.

It’s true – in some ways; I spent money on a coach, and it was the best thing I ever did; my coach has helped me see through the fog that was in my own head and take Ravenor’s to the next level. She is my confidant, and the person who whips my butt when I slack off. Till. This. Day.

Consider this as a private tutoring; you’re hiring someone to make you better at something, faster.

But with tutoring, you’re getting ready for an exam.

With coaching you’re getting ready for a Flourishing Business.


About that Form..

Let me tell you a little bit about that form of mine.

It is not about me being all high and mighty with a “I do not work with peasants..” attitude.

It is about compatibility and partnership.

In order for me to take you on, I need to know you, know your business, and know your mentality. You also need to get to know me, it goes both ways.

If we don’t get along, then I can’t help you and I will absolutely not take your money if I can’t give you the results you’re dreaming of.


How much will this package cost you?

A flat fee of $335. (or 2 payments of $170)

Program Duration: Four Weeks.

This includes:

  • 90 minute calls, twice a week, where we will do all the major planning and strategic scheming. *rubs hands together with an evil mastermind expression*
  • Unlimited emails/chats for follow ups and any questions you may have.
  • Customized Work Sheets + To Do lists + Cheat Sheets, that will be tailored to your business and our progress.
  • Do you do Sketchup + VRay? Great! there’s a FREE admission to a 7 Day Course in it for you!

After our 4 weeks are up, there will be two weeks of follow-up (one call per week) to take those training wheels off and set you on your merry way to success.

Ready to Sign Up for a FREE 30 minute introductory session?

Apply For The Package + Free Discovery Call

Look, $335 is not a small amount. It’s not expensive, either. We both know that.

But, it’ll be the highest amount you’ll ever need to spend on getting your business on the right track.

It’ll be an investment; think of it this way, you can either invest $335 and I’ll give you all the help, strategies, and solutions that you know you need in a 4 week program


you can spend countless days trying to figure things out on your own + keep going through months of trial and error to reach where you want + miss out on the relief of having someone who gets it, who has been there, and who knows the ropes.

It’s your money and your time. Spend them however you choose.

What do you say?

Apply For The Package + Free Discovery Call


Reach your goals, get those dream clients, and stop spending your time on being lost, instead spend it on executing the plan I will put down for you.

There are no shortcuts here, no general guru blah blah advice that will get you no where. One on One mentoring with a designer like you will get you where you need to be.

There’s a world of opportunities out there for you.

So Take Action