With a fast growing clientele base and strong relationships with other businesses, Ravenor’s (Angie Soliman) is available for a variety of opportunities below. For availability, rates and to schedule your placement (or to brainstorm alternative options), please email Ravenors@outlook.com
Media kit available upon request.

For Guest Blogging on Ravenor’s, please see the bottom of the page.

Sponsored Content
Reach loyal readers and followers through a custom campaign and sponsored blog post on Ravenor’s, including surrounding social amplification.

Guest Blogging invitations are welcome! (No Charge)

Presentation/Teaching/Group Coaching
Hire Angie to speak, co-host or present at your company’s event or conference either online or in person (Only in Egypt). Available topics include Design blogging/social media, Branding, Event Management, freelancing, startup businesses, and Sketchup + VRay Courses.

Social Media Opportunity
Get your product, brand, event or idea in front of engaged fans through a styled post series or takeover from Angie/Ravenor’s.

Design Consultation
Angie has an avid passion for Interiors; be it staging, revamping, or starting from scratch. We provide consultations as well as innovative design solutions for interiors with sustainability in mind.

Lookbook/portfolio Styling
Hire Angie to produce a lookbook/portfolio, brand campaign, or specialized collection for your shop. Receive a free sponsored post with built-in surrounding promotion on Angie’s/Ravenor’s channels.

Guest Blogging Form

If you’re interested in guest blogging on Ravenor’s (including social media promos), please fill out the following form: