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20 Design Terms you Have to Know About and What They Mean

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Easy Steps to Create your own Transparent Materials (Sketchup + VRay)

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Planner 5D

Hello Designers! Hope you're having an amazing week so far šŸ™‚ I decided to share on Thursdays a little something extra; Apps and Plug Ins that come in handy. I'll add as much details about them as possible: try them, post the results, and talk about the process that led to that final result. This … Continue reading Planner 5D

Compact Kitchens

Hello Designers! I decided that every Sunday I'll put together an Idea Book on my Houzz account (which is the best place to browse inspiration, btw), and share it with you. On each week it'll be a certain new space. This week I picked Compact Kitchens; since I recently started browsing for tiny apartments and … Continue reading Compact Kitchens

Sketchup Modeling Hacks: Easy tips that save your time (Part Three)

Layers, Groups, and Components are the most underestimated tools in Sketchup; they give you limitless possibilities while modeling, read on and try to apply them and discover how you canĀ incorporateĀ those tools to save on modeling time. In caseĀ you missed the previous parts, you'll fine them Part one here and Part two here. Groups and Layers … Continue reading Sketchup Modeling Hacks: Easy tips that save your time (Part Three)

Sketchup Modeling Hacks: Easy tips that save your time (Part Two)

sketchup modeling hacks tips save time

Part two of a post series on simple Sketchup hacks that will make you work faster, save your time, and have smoother running models.

Sketchup Modeling Hacks: Easy tips that save your time (Part One)

Imagine a world where your Sketchup model runs smooth, you know all the shortcuts to work faster, and you can actually work more in a shorter period of time; it's very possible. Check out this post series to make it happen.

How to Speed up Sketchup (+ VRay tips)

7 Tips to follow for a faster and smoother Sketchup work space + How to utilize more of your RAM for a faster render.