All About Normal Maps

All about what a Normal Map is, how to make your own Normal Map for any texture, how to use it, and whether Normal Maps are really better than Bump Maps.

Using an Environment Background for VRay 3.4

Tutorial on how to add an Environment Background for: Noon, Sunrise/Sunset, and Night/Overcast Scenes! Including Backlight settings and Exposure Tweaking.

How to Create your own VRay Texture Maps

The most importnt part of creating your own VRay materials is having the right Texture Maps. So, what happens when you can't find the Texteure Map of a certain Material? You create it! How? Photoshop!

How to Create your Own Materials in VRay 3.4

Not all materials can be found online, so why not learn how to create your own? An easy to follow guide with free textures and Sketchup model to practice!

(Updated) VRay Lighting Guide: Tips and Tricks

In order to produce a good design render, one of the main skills you need is being able to add good lighting to your space. This guide is strictly about how to light up a model with every single lighting object VRay has to offer.

We’re Back Online: Free Models!

Free Sketchup Model Download Render Ready Materials VRay 3 + 3.4

Two FREE Models that are Render Ready for VRay 3.0+!